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Discover Eric Basset various partnerships and clients

AN Grup

AN Grup is one of the main restoration groups in the country, with a large implantation in the city of Barcelona and Madrid. The group works different commercial formats: Restaurants (such as LA BOTIGA, CITRUS, L'EGGS and MARÍTIM), the Masias Urbanas MUSSOL; Tapas (such as TAPA TAPA, PISCOLABIS, TXAPELA), Salchicherías and hamburgers (such as NBA CAFÉ Barcelona and OTTO SYLT) or new concepts like OASSIS NATURAL COOKING. AN Grup has 30 restaurants and two franchisees and serves more than 5 million customers a year. The idea is to develop spaces that reflect the personality of its different concepts, with a focus on identity, creativity, emotion and consistency.

Bobby's Free

Bobby’s Free is a speakeasy cocktail bar in Pau Claris 85, Barcelona. Bobby’s Free is an unique, authentic place where each client can find his moment of happiness thanks to an extended offer of drinks and signature cocktails. Our cocktail bar has two vibes depending on the day and the hour even if our cocktails taste the exact same – so depending on who you’d like to spend your moment, these advices could be useful. This speakeasy is now a place to be in Barcelona with regular mentions in the Spanish press. It is the first opening of Bobby’s Grup.


GreenVita is a restaurant where the team wanted to put its grain of sand for a healthier, more balanced and natural diet. Without dogmatism, without obligations, without impositions. Its will is to be transparent and honest, to offer the best that it has and to wish that the clients like it. With humility, naturalness and good manners. They sell food from responsible agriculture, which maintains essential nutrients and vitamins. Its cuisine retains all the flavor and all the properties of food ingredients, generates less waste and is much healthier because they want the food to be good for the palate and for the body.

Los Chipirones

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Casa Ametller

Since 1830 the Ametller family has been dedicated to cultivating and caring for their lands. As a result of its experience as farmers and processors, and faithful to its philosophy of respecting the natural properties of the products, the ambitious project Ametller Origen is born. A model that integrates agricultural production, processing and marketing under the same objective: to contribute decisively to the improvement of food and health of the people. Because it’s important to know what we eat and enjoy the experience even more. In every tablespoon of cream, in every sip of gazpacho, in every gram of vegetables, in every bite of fruit is its philosophy, its way of being and doing.

Princess Negresco

Negresco Cocktail Bar by Bobby’s is the Hotel Negresco Princess Hotel’s new cocktail bar. The bar is captained by Yanaida Prado, renowned cocktail bartender with an outstanding résumé, having worked at some of the most iconic bars of Barcelona’s nightlife. The menu at Negresco Cocktail Bar by Bobby’s was created by Dany Martín, co-founder of Bobby’s Free cocktail bar. It is made up of 8 signature cocktails, each designed to fit the needs and pace of the hotel.

Moab Giants

Not only is it set amongst some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery in Moab, Utah, but Moab Giants is a unique experience of the ages with life-size dinosaurs in the land they called home! Moab Giants is the ultimate place to discover the past with cutting edge technology that feels like the future! All of the kids meals come with an optional side of vegetables or natural-cut fries, kid-sized drink and dino toy. Moab Giants salads & sandwiches are prepared fresh everyday. The best sandwiches start with a great baguette, freshly baked each day in the cafe. Raptor and Triceratops menus items are served with your choice of natural-cut fries or house-made potato chips.


Established in 1998, GIS is engaged in the Airport Hospitality & Facility Management, being the Spanish leading Group of VIP Passengers. At GIS we put all of our efforts to create and manage venues and services, focusing on the provision of added value services in various fields including mainly Airport Facilities and Airline Companies. One of our most valued and specialized services is the creation and management of airport services. GIS current portfolio of services includes mainly Independent Airport Lounges, Corporate and Airline Lounges, Air Rooms (hotel inside the airports), Business Centers and Meet & Greet Services.

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