The Foodingood Label

a new label for foodies only
label foodingood

A new gastronomic label

Now more than ever our sector is evolving, with health events. It is the beginning of a new era of restoration and gastronomy , in which each of us has a key role to play in rebuilding the sector that is currently affected.
There will be a before and after the 2020 pandemic in the restoration world.
That is why our new project and adaptation to the new market is in its infancy and we need the greatest possible support.

The Label Foodingood has an international vocation to inform the clients the restorers who have known how to evolve and join for a healthy and proliferating recovery for all.

What is this Label ?

The Foodingood Label is a restaurant label that certifies to customers the correct relationship “Quality – Price – Service – Health”.
The “Foodingood” Label is first and foremost a trademark and used for more than five years, is a website and an Instagram in operation since recent years.

It has been used in the restoration to be a label that certifies a good value for money of the restaurants after consulting made by Eric Basset and other restaurants deserving of this distinction.

It is an independent label created by professionals of the sector for professionals in the sector in order to reach directly the final consumer – our customers – and their food safety.
The Label Foodingood is a label for the general public, that is to say our families, our friends, our collaborators and our tourists.

Why do we need this Label?

The “Foodingood” label is addressed to the end customer , daily consumer who can go to eat dinner, breakfast, lunch or have a drink in the restaurants and local of each city in the world with the certainty of belonging to the best of the families of our trade.
Authenticity, Transparency & Innovation are the words by which this new stage of our lives begins.

When entering an establishment you will be able to see if the establishment is recommended and safe as it will have gone through a preliminary analysis and controls that certify it and thus obtain the seal .

Every restaurant can get its “Foodingood” label that certifies a good service, products with traceability and good use in the gastronomy with the sanitary hygiene measures within the premises respected and updated Post COVID-19.

The label “Foodingood” has no vocation in making money, but certify our clients where they will go to eat and be with the maximum possible security, it is not a guide nor a ranking of restaurants, but a label that can bring together all those professionals in the catering sector who have the will to do things right and to let you know.

All those establishments in their respective categories that meet these requirements may benefit from the Label, whether they are restaurants, bars, cocktail bars, snack bars, gastronomic restaurants, brasserie , hotels, caterings, cafes, bakeries …

How does it work?

The “Foodingood” label is born of the desire to have the maximum transparency towards the final consumer and of the concerns and concerns of the clientele in these times of confinement.

Restorers and establishments who wish to have the seal free of charge, will have to make the request through the email and after a study commission their delivery will be validated.

Joining behind this initiative is the will, to make a strong group of restorers who bet on a better quality restoration with more ethics

Who can get this Label? All those who can certify a good traceability of the food product that is of quality with a professional know-how together with a quality of service, certifying a respect for hygiene standards post Covid 19, reinforced APPC.

The label is not an assessment of the establishment but the validation of compliance with good practice and certification that meets the requirements of a good “quality – price – health” ratio.



Provide good service to customers
Give the maximum quality of dishes
Have an understandable gastronomic line
Certify the overall hygiene of the premises
Good knowledge of drinks ( wines, liqueurs, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks)
Working with proximity products
Valuing the gastronomic culture
Taking climate change into account
Strengthen alternatives to plastic and temporary products

Support and Venues

For this project we count on the signatures and support of professionals of the sector both food critics journalists, doctors , personalities of the world of art / politics, business heads of cuisine such as :

Belen Parra Periodista Gastronómica / Pau Arenos Periodista escritor /  Philippe Regole Critico gastronomico / Cristina Jolonch Periodista /  Ferrán Adria Chef  / Nando Jubany Chef / Joan Roca Chef / John Hoffman CEO World Mobile Congres / Marie Christine Pereira Doctora / Jose Mogolon Doctor / Encarna Doblado Avogada / Josep Ametller CEO Ametller Origen / Artemio Noia CEO AN Grup / Guillaume Gomez Jefe de cocina Presidencia de Eliseo / Jordi Cruz Chef / Carles Abellan Chef / Charlotte Servant CEO Lavinia / Gérard Subirats  CEO SB GRUP / Roger Riu Directos 50 Best Bars / Mauro Colagreco Chef / Allain Ducasse Chef  / Miquel Espinet Periodista  / Joan Valls Consultor Hosteleria  / Joab Laporta Antiguo presidente FCB   / Père Duran Peña Gastronómica Barça / Dolors Valls Turisme de CATALUNYA Dolors Valls / Laura Pons Food Styliste  / Jordi Cruz Chef  / Consul de France a Barcelone / Albert Arbos CEO Interprofit / Roser Torres / Carme Ruscalleda Chef /  Paolo Casagrande chef  / Jordi Roca Chef / Cedric Auroux Vip Yatch / Albert Adria Chef  / Thomas Mayot Director Valrhona España / Emmanuel Deleau CEO La Peña / Director del festival de Musica de Sitges /

Venues with the “Foodingood” Label :

Bar Omar/ Plata Bistrot /  Bistrot Bilou / La mundana / Cal a Nuri / Tandoor / Bobby’s Free / Le Motif / Fish and Chips Shop / La llobreria / Casa Humada / Olof son / el Mercat / Xiroi /  Topic / Peppe Palo / Can Jubany / La Bonaigua / Oasis / Lomo Alto / Comedor de alumnos del Lyceo francés de Barcelona / Comedor de alumnos del Sant Paul School / Hispo / Alkimia / Direkte / Kawai / Leopoldo Bar / Tejadas mar …

You can check the complete list on our website